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Righting website wrongs

[27 Sept 2011] ‘Website for the jobless riddled with blunders’ screamed a recent headline, over a story that the Learning Zone website, designed to help people in the North East find work, was full of spelling mistakes such as opportunies, foucses, variet, resourses, retstrictions, and exteral.

It’s not the only one, of course. Many websites don’t seem to be checked at all. Mistakes of spelling and grammar often lie uncorrected for months, even on high-profile sites like that of the furniture maker Multiyork, which confuses ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’ at least 15 times and doesn’t seem to know that ‘choose’ and ‘chose’ are different words. In January 2011 the site also said: ‘Available in our generously proportioned collections these extra large sofas are extremely generously proportioned.’

Websites are the shopfront for most businesses and government agencies, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re clear and easy to use. As you’d expect, we can help!

So if your own website needs a deep clean of its language, grammar and punctuation, you can ask us to check it under the Winning Website accreditation scheme, and then keep it accredited through our continual monitoring service. See Services > Accreditation with the Clear English Standard > Websites.

We’ve now simplified the way you get a quotation for using the Winning Website scheme. There’s just a short online form to fill in, then we’ll have a look at the site and get back to you with a price. And, by the way, there’s a special £100 discount if you complete the form during the rest of 2011, as well as 20% off for corporate members.

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