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Proofreading blu’s

[9 Jan 2012] It was time to blame those much-maligned – and often fictional – characters the proofreaders again at the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway, Ireland recently, when customers at its award-winning (aren’t they all?) restaurant Marinas were offered ‘Roast Stuffed Aborigine with Coconut & Lemon Grass in Coriander Sauce’. So any vegetarians expecting ‘aubergine’ were disappointed, but that’s the wonderful world of spell-check for you – more brains in a pork pie, with or without coriander sauce.

Wry smiles too, among readers of a newspaper in Derbyshire, as parents proudly advertised that their children had acquired university degrees. So it was all praise to Sarah for her degree in ‘Psycology’, and also to Sara on ‘gaining your Bachelor of Medicine in Speech in Laugage Sciences’.

Meanwhile, a Liverpool hospital trust has mounted an investigation after a website job advert for a ‘Fellow in Anaesthesia’ included the phrase ‘add the usual rubbish about equal opportunities’. What do they expect, though, when they say they’re looking for a fella? [MC]

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