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Watchdog, 19 April, exposes bad signs

[13 April 2012] The BBC’s leading consumer affairs programme Watchdog, which regularly exposes the bullies and rogues of the business world, will investigate the unclear signage at the Peel Centre, Stockport in its show on 19 April 2012 at 8pm.

Avid readers of this website will know we’ve mentioned these signs a few times (just a few) since Martin Cutts of Plain Language Commission won a court case about them in September.

If you can’t catch the programme live, it will be on BBC I-Player (for UK-based viewers) for seven days from the day after the programme on the BBC Watchdog site (, where there’ll also be a detailed written summary of the programme – helpful if you’re not based in the UK.

Meanwhile, Nick Smith MP is keeping up his campaign against the unfair practices of certain private parking companies:

Smith told the BBC: ‘The government puts its faith in the British Parking Association but it’s not delivering for the consumer. I want to see an OfPark type regulatory body to put the consumer interest first. It should be paid for by the industry and it could oversee an independent appeals service.’

Smith said he would continue to press for a parliamentary debate on the issue, and intends meeting the UK transport minister Norman Baker in May.

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