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Not cheesey but very fruity

[15 Sept 2012] Anyone still shocked by the revelations that supermarket chains are flogging filtered tap water without labelling it as such, alongside Perrier and the rest of the overshipped and overpriced bottlings the nation loves, is not going to worry too much about the name of a product I found in Cornwall last week. It’s called Kea Plum & Catshead Apple Cheese, and delicious it is too. But it’s not cheese as most of us know it, and happily it contains few – if any – cat’s heads. A dictionary helps: ‘Cheese: a conserve having the consistency of soft cheese’.

CrellowThe label on the jar says ‘kea plums 80%, Cornish catshead apples 37%, British beet sugar’ – which is an exceptionally fruity combo for a country where most jars of shop-bought jam have only 35% fruit – as allowed by the crazy, rip-off-inducing regulations.

I do like a company that gives 117%. It’s called Crellow, by the way (, and they do ‘mail order of sorts’, according to their self-deprecating website. The little graphic shows their wry view of refrigeration and ‘best before’ dates. [MC] 

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