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  2. Subeditors a dying breed, says new website
  3. Plain language and the courts
  4. Deceptive language – food from fake farms
  5. Pikestaff 75 – read it now
  6. Jottings
  7. Jargon for grown-ups
  8. English to be Latin of EU?
  9. Large amount of amounts
  10. ‘The reason is because’
  11. Clichés – ‘wash down’, again
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A fowl-up by any other name

FukuppyThe Japanese fridge-making company Fukushima Industries, of Osaka, is considering a new name for its mascot because the current one does not translate well into English. Though this is not the worst thing to happen to things called Fukushima in recent years – the tsunami and subsequent radiation release take that honour – the mascot, designed to look like a red-footed winged chicken (and why not?), glories in the name Fukuppy.


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