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  1. Plain language and the courts
  2. US election: short phrases win the day
  3. Brexit vote: clear answer to clear question?
  4. Deceptive language – food from fake farms
  5. Pikestaff 75 – read it now
  6. Jottings
  7. Jargon for grown-ups
  8. English to be Latin of EU?
  9. Large amount of amounts
  10. ‘The reason is because’
  11. Clichés – ‘wash down’, again
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Bugs working as a teem

[10 Feb 2013] The Sunday Times reckons each person carries six pounds of extra weight in the form of 100 trillion friendly bacteria that hang about in the skin and body cavities as they synthesize vitamins, digest food and the like. The paper describes them as ‘great dollops of teaming bacteria’. According to Dr David Relman a Stanford microbiologist, humans are like coral, ‘an assemblage of life forms living together’. But although the bacteria often work together, the paper must surely have meant ‘teeming’. [MC]

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