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Harping on about typos

[20 March 2013] Once satirized by Private Eye as the Grauniad, the Guardian newspaper remains justly famous for its errors but you wouldn't expect any in an advert for a Guardian masterclass called ‘Introduction to self-publishing’, which tells readers they’ll be able to ‘soak up insights, inspiration and hands-on learning with expert practitioners’ at the £99-a-head seminar.

But this expertise doesn’t extend to proofreading, evidently, as the blurb continues:

‘You’ll about the realities of the literary marketplace.’

So please insert verbs and adjectives of your choice, eg ‘be very distressed’, ‘be spun a load of old rubbish’. After all, a bit of creativity won’t go amiss in self publishing.

Guardian readers are pretty sharp-eyed, though, as its excellent (and much needed) corrections column suggests. A piece about the Vienna Philharmonic said it had remained an almost men-only preserve until 1997 when the harpist Anna Leikes began to twang her instrument for the orchestra. But readers observed that the photo accompanying the piece showed the ensemble in full swing – and with a person clearly of the female persuasion bowing lustily in the string section – in 1941. [MC]

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