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Osborne crime wreaks havoc at The Lady

[13 May 2013] Big moment for homophone spotters who read The Lady magazine, as its dozing subeditors missed this stinking error in a review of a new production of Terence Rattigan’s ‘The Winslow Boy’:

‘Deborah Findlay is captivating as Grace, the boy’s mother, at once giddy with the attention... and mortified by the destruction it reeks on her family.’

Read ‘wreaks’, of course.

And now for a bit of genuine oddity, which we signal in true tabloid style by using CAPITALS for the crucial words.

In case you were wondering, the Winslow Boy is not George OSBORNE, chancellor of the exchequer and MP for Wilmslow. (Winslow is in Buckinghamshire and Wilmslow is in Cheshire.) 

What’s just a touch odd is that in the play, based on real events, the boy in question is hoofed out of OSBORNE Naval College for his alleged crime. (Cue spooky music.)

And Rattigan’s departure into tax exile in the 1950s was largely brought about by the rise of angry young playwrights like John OSBORNE. (Music now even spookier.)

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