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Letter-writing skills of abducted teenager

[10 July 2013] Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest got 66 months in prison for abducting and having sex with a 15-year-old schoolgirl, while the well-known broadcaster and serial predator Stuart Hall got a mere 15 months for a catalogue of crimes against young girls lasting several decades. That’s the courtroom lottery for you: don’t expect anything remotely like consistency of sentencing.

It turns out that Forrest’s young lover, known only as ‘Gemma’, is no mean writer, if the letter she sent his parents is anything to go by. Published in the Mail on Sunday on 23 June, it is mature, lucid, well punctuated, well paragraphed and without a trace of self pity. See for yourself:

Gemma even puts a hyphen correctly in ‘A-level maths’ – quite a rarity.

Either she’s getting help, or they must be doing something right in the English department of the Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne, whatever might have occurred in the dark recesses of double maths.

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