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Pedent’s paradice: resent errors spoted in the press

For the benefit of avid proofreaders out there, here are a few howlers from the newspapers:

Daily Mail, 10 June: ‘The former president spent a second night in hospital with a reaccuring lung infection.’ (Read ‘reoccurring’ or ‘recurring’.)

Daily Mail, 10 June (again): ‘This didn’t stop him however, and he swum across a loch in his native Shetland.’ (Read ‘swam’ – ‘we have swum’ but ‘we swam’.)

The Times, 26 June, quoting Tim Berners-Lee: ‘Teenagers who are unsure about their sexuality who need to contact others... which people are going to be loathe to do if they feel there’s somebody looking over their shoulder.’ (Read ‘loath’ or ’loth’, ie ‘reluctant’ – 'loathe' is a verb, as in ‘we loathe that bane of gardening life, the slug’.)

Sunday Times, 7 July: ‘An isolated incidence of an early midlife crisis?’ (Read ‘incident’ or ‘instance’ – ‘incidence’ means ‘rate of occurrence’).

Daily Mail, 22 June: ‘Hayley [Westenra], whose yet to have a child herself, imagined rocking a baby to sleep.’ (Read who’s/who is.)

Mail on Sunday, 23 June: ‘And yesterday the froidure between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova showed no sign of thawing.’ (Read ‘froideur’ – coldness, chilliness, aloofness. It does not rhyme with manure, being pronounced 'frwadd-err', roughly.)

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