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Sorry state of State affairs

[10 July 2013] It’s 28 years to the day that French secret-service agents blew up the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour, New Zealand killing a crew member – surely one of the most callous and stupid crimes ever committed by a western democracy.

The action, with the remarkably apt codename Opération Satanique, was designed to stop the ship interfering in a French nuclear test. Naturally the two agents convicted in New Zealand courts served only 24 months of the 10-year and seven-year jail sentences they got for manslaughter. France, which initially denied any involvment and denounced the bombing as a terrorist atrocity, sheltered the other agents and promoted the convicted agents after their release. 

There are parallels with the UK's secret services. Recently it’s been revealed that male police spies have infiltrated environmentalist groups and had affairs and even fathered children with several women activists (see ‘Undercover’ by P Lewis and R Evans, Faber 2013).

It’s time the nation was told who ordered this shocking activity, which cost the Government some £250,000 a year to run for every single spy. The people responsible should be prosecuted for misconduct in public office, booted out of their jobs, and made to pay the inevitable compensation claims out of their own pockets. 

Every new day seems to bring another example of State employees acting contrary to the interests of the communities they are supposed to serve. The current prime example is the action of undercover police in trying to smear Stephen Lawrence’s family after the teenager was murdered in London in 1993.

Such activities only make sense if we think of the State employees concerned as akin to rapacious company directors intent on building their own salaries, pensions and empires at the taxpayers’ expense. Once you factor this in as their real purpose, everything else slots in to place. [cont]

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