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Uplifting jargon... yet BBC forfeits moral high ground

[5 Aug] The BBC’s decision to pay immense sums to ‘executives’ whose services it no longer requires – £369million in an eight-year period, according to the National Audit Office – has led to a splendid phrase to describe the £266,288 payment the corporation made to one of its bosses, whose departure settlement totalled £866,000. It’s ‘pension augmentation’.

With the modern mania for cosmetic surgery, the word ‘augmentation’ is normally prefaced by ‘breast’. The BBC's much-augmented ex-official has since moved to a £206,000-a-year job as warden of a university, where he can continue to suckle on the public teat. 

The BBC once held the moral high ground. But it’s certainly lost it’s holier-than-thou image in recent months, having failed to unmask those serial in-house perverts and great exemplars of the ‘honours’ system Stuart Hall ‘OBE’ and ‘Sir’ James Savile ‘OBE’. 

Can’t wait for the hard-hitting edition of ‘Panorama’ that will examine whether or not there’s been a culture of croneyism at the top of the BBC in which big cheeses have paid other big cheeses wads of taxpayers’ money as part of their golden goodbyes.

Now, where’s that £100million for the BBC ‘digital media initiative’ that didn’t work? Whoops, lost it! Gone completely down the drain, and there’s nothing whatever to show for it. Surely it must be time to give the people responsible a fat payout to quit.

For more on the digital media inititaive fiasco, see the BBC's own website:

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