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Teachers (some of them) can’t write – head

[13 Jan 2014] A headteacher has gone public about the errors he’s noticed in CVs and covering letters from applicants for teaching posts at his school, Brighton College.

Of 30 serving teachers who applied from State schools, Richard Cairns told the Sunday Times that 12 were semiliterate. One of them wrote his entire application in block capitals, while a chemistry teacher included two pages about his flying experience in single-engine aircraft and said he was born in 1053.

Cairns said: ‘You have people trying to teach the basics to children when they do not themselves have a grasp of the basics. It matters because it shows there are people within the teaching profession who cannot write a letter or construct sentences.’

A history teacher wrote that he ‘liked to see a student bossom’. Not a student’s bottom, anyway, so that’s good.

EductionMeanwhile, fresh from South Africa, comes a young person’s results sheet from the local exam board. 

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