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  1. Plain language and the courts
  2. US election: short phrases win the day
  3. Brexit vote: clear answer to clear question?
  4. Deceptive language – food from fake farms
  5. Pikestaff 75 – read it now
  6. Jottings
  7. Jargon for grown-ups
  8. English to be Latin of EU?
  9. Large amount of amounts
  10. ‘The reason is because’
  11. Clichés – ‘wash down’, again
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Let them read a book, says teachers’ leader

[5 Nov 2014] A headteachers’ leader has argued in a blog post that pupils should spend an hour every school day reading a book. This, says Russell Hobby, would do more to improve their skills than ‘frantic coaching to the test’. There was too much focus on learning the technical side of reading, he said. ‘In the older years of primary school…children just don’t read enough. We should strip back the social engineering and the constant initiatives forced on schools and just spend time reading…If all you do is practise analysing different sentences then it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.’

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