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Pinch of Saffron

[5 Nov 2014] A Pikestaff reader has sent us a copy of her furious note to the Saffron Building Society. Last year she’d complained to the society about a particularly obtuse form they’d sent her when an account matured, taking the trouble to phone them up and explain its badness in painstaking detail. Had they listened? Perhaps, but they had not heard, because an identical form arrived at this year’s account anniversary. So here is her response:

‘Dear Saffron: As I told you last year, this is a useless form designed by an imbecile. I want to open a new Regular Saver but where is the tick-box for this? The [accompanying] letter says it is on this form. Where? The form is abysmal, and it’s also a grey, illegible photocopy. Please ask your head of communications to phone me. I would have left the balance [of my account] with you but cannot comprehend the form so have withdrawn it.’

Always protest. Even if they do nothing about it, it will make you feel better.

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