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Vine entwined in Freudian slip

[17 June 2014] 11 May was not the ideal time for the Sunday Telegraph to eulogize the sterling work of Richard Scudamore in helping create the stream of riches that is English soccer’s Premier League, using a headline saying ‘Scudamore in a league of his own’ and text like ‘Whoever follows Scudamore at 30 Gloucester Place will have a hard act to follow.’

For on that same morning, readers of the Sunday Mirror were tucking in to a juicy breakfast of Scudamore’s emails about ‘big-titted broads’ and ‘female irrationality’, all leaked in a wholly selfless and public-spirited way by his temporary PA, Rani Abraham.

‘Foul!’ cried some, as Scudamore had surely meant his unpleasant musings to stay private (as you would) despite using office equipment to send them and giving Ms Abraham access to his account.

Abraham is now suing the league for sex discrimination and reckons to have suffered anxiety and depression as a result of reading the emails. (What a fragile little flower.) Anyway, Scudamore seems certain to keep his job, not least because the women he works with get on well with him.

As the row simmered on, Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show weighed in with a debate between the Guardian’s Bea Campbell (‘disgraceful conduct – sack him’) and the Daily Telegraph’s Allison Pearson (‘blokey emails – give him a break’). As Vine closed the discussion, sounding relieved to have reached the end without a ghastly sexist faux pas or double entendre, sharp-eared listeners heard him burble:

‘And my thanks to Bea Campbell and Allison Penis.’

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