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Nothing Toulouse from Bensons’ ‘lowest price guarantee’

[2 Jan 2015] Here at Plain Language Towers we often whinge about product information that's unclear and badly designed. So, on buying a double bed recently – and no, that's not because we're always falling asleep on the job – from a Bensons For Beds showroom, it was good to see that the firm's customer literature was pretty clear and well written, apart from the crazy punctuation that's now almost universal in the commercial world and the choice of a relatively illegible font like Avant Garde.

The bed we bought is called Toulouse, and at about £700 it's not cheap but is mainly solid oak. With a name like that, there's plenty of scope for puns – but please no jokes about the louse who, too, infests your bed. 

Like many firms, Bensons For Beds give a 'lowest price guarantee'. Has anyone ever successfully claimed against one of these from any store? Bensons' literature says: 'Everyone hates the thought of paying more than they have to, which is why we have our Lowest Price Guarantee. In the unlikely event you find the same bed elsewhere for less within 30 days, we'll refund the difference, plus we'll give you a little extra for your trouble. Excludes online retailers and catalogue orders.'

Well, by chance we found a real high-street shop that's offering what looks like the very same bed for only £359. So, there being nothing Toulouse, as it were, we've put in our claim. It's going to be interesting to see whether Bensons agree to honour their pledge. We'll add a stop press to this story when Bensons respond.

Stop press: we lose! Apparently the bed we found on sale elsewhere is not quite the same as Bensons' variety. And although it's also called Toulouse, it seems that many companies make a range of bedroom furniture called 'Toulouse', and they're all subtly different. So there.

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