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  1. Writing Leeds to confusion
  2. Fall of Troy
  3. Plain language and the courts
  4. Pikestaff 75 – read it now
  5. Garner’s Modern English Usage ‘a huge achievement’
  6. Jottings
  7. Jargon for grown-ups
  8. English to be Latin of EU?
  9. Large amount of amounts
  10. ‘The reason is because’
  11. Clichés – ‘wash down’, again
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Pikestaff 72 – read it now

In this issue of our occasional newsletter, you'll find perky, quirky and sometimes outspoken articles on plain-language-related themes (with plenty of hyphens carefully positioned). Topics include the following:

  • PLAIN's conference plea for more-accessible websites.
  • How the UK Government broke its very plain pledge on care-home-fees, just weeks after winning the general election.
  • Gorenje website: really ‘Life Simplified’?
  • Engineering company destroyed by a typo.
  • Package leaflets for medicines could be clearer – despite EC tests.
  • UK’s in-out referendum question shaken all about by the Electoral Commission.
  • How a leading charity used small print to snare donors.
  • Loose chippings from the Tower of Babel – snippets on language in the news
  • Loopy new world of gender-political language.
  • Desikan, India consumer champion and plain-language pioneer, dies at 82.
  • England’s cricket win raises small-print refund question.
  • Editing a grateful National Trust.
  • Parking (again): green light for parking predators as appeal court rules against consumers.
  • Why tax is still too taxing.
  • Disgusting cliché alert: even Lonely Planet authors ‘wash down’ their food.

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