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Eras of our Times

[9 June 2015] We give thanks to The Times (various issues, May) for these examples of blunders in recent leaflets, tweets etc…

During the VE-Day commemoration concert, the Royal British Legion’s Twitter account recorded that Alfie Boe, the tenor, gave a spirited rendering of You’ll Never Walk Again.

At Istead Rise primary school, near Gravesend Kent, workers painted SCHOOL on the roadway in huge yellow letters – or intended to, at least. After they’d left, observant children noticed that the job hadn’t quite gone to plan, as the word actually read SOHOOL. The kids drew the obvious conclusion and teachers reported renewed diligence in the English classes.

In the UK general election campaign, would-be Conservative MPs James Duddridge and Alex (‘Not Very’) Bright issued a leaflet that proudly announced ‘It’s erection day!’ At least Duddridge, a Foreign Office minister, had the chutzpah to laugh it off, telling The Times, ‘Keep it up!’

And finally, a UKIP election leaflet in Frome, Somerset promised that the party would ‘take back control of our boarders.’ No more pillow-fights in the dorm, then.

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