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ScotNats shift to jargon

[16 July 2016] Once upon a time you could rely on the Scottish National Party to call a spade a spade: ‘Give us independence or else!’.

Now the ScotNats have been in government for a while, they’re going all nuanced and jargony. Speaking of the Scottish education system, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on 2 May:

‘There are a record number of young people going to what I would call “positive destinations”.’

This seems to be politician-speak for ‘not prison, unemployment or suicide’. And when Mike Ashley, Sports Direct founder and allegedly oppressive employer appeared before the House of Commons business select committee on 7 June, a ScotNat asked him:

‘How do you benchmark excellence in employee engagement?’.

Ashley slowly repeated the question as if bringing every spare brain cell to bear, then replied in like style:

‘The various heads have autonomy to use whatever they wish to get to those conclusions.’


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