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‘Washing down’ epidemic spreads

[16 July 2016] More journalists have become addicted to the disgusting cliché of ‘washing down’ their food with alcohol, as if their oesophagus is a sluice gate for masticated food particles.

Here’s Sarah Vine in the Daily Mail on 12 June:

‘My spaghetti ain’t courgetti – and though I try my best to be a sugar-free zone, the occasional scoop of ice cream does, I’m ashamed to say, find its way into my gullet. Washed down, more often than not, with a nice glass of wine.’

Yuk. And here’s Gregg Carlstrom in the Times on 13 June:

‘Visitors to Israel might one day have a chance to snack on fruits that were available during Christ’s time, and wash them down with a biblical-era beer.’

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