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Writing Leeds to confusion

[29 May 2017] Jargon and officialese remain rampant in West Yorkshire as a local resident discovered after raising concerns with Leeds city council’s highways department, using simple vocabulary and short sentences as follows:

I note that on Holt Lane, there are two main speed humps in the carriageway and separate narrow humps close to the kerb on each side of the road.  On Farrar Lane there are only two humps.

I have concerns that the small narrow humps could be potentially dangerous to cyclists who are obliged to ride close to the kerb.

Is the installation of the smaller humps to specification? 

Other speed hump installations seen on Spen Lane/Morris Lane between Queenswood Drive and Kirkstall Lane do not have the small kerbside humps. They do however have a wide white painted stripe close to the kerb.

The council’s response, written by an assistant engineer, soon turned into obscuranto. Note, in particular, the author’s strange use of ‘vertical feature’ and a fondness for impersonal-passive constructions such as ‘it is believed’:

The determination as to when to implement the ‘tear drop’ markings and humps at the side of the speed cushions depends on the width of the carriageway and the need to avoid leaving a gap between kerb and cushion or between cushion and cushion that is wide enough for a vehicle to pass through, but the road is not wide enough to have a three cushion layout as per Holtdale Approach. Farrar Lane is sufficiently narrow enough to require only one cushion within each lane, whereas Holt Lane is wider and the need to provide the additional features is present. [cont]

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