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  1. Team members

    Our small team of published authors and editors are highly experienced in the writing-skills field. Read a quick guide to their activities here.

  2. Why use plain language?

    Plain language – the basis of all good business writing.

  3. Our business principles

    We’re flexible and easy to work with as your plain-English partner.

  4. Frequent questions about our range of services

    Quick Q&A on important plain-language topics.

  5. Before-and-after examples

    You choose – which would you prefer to read?

  6. How we test and apply our standards

    Ways of checking that our approach works.

  7. Words or figures?

    Our choice on words or figures.

  8. Our spelling choices

    Our choice on s and z spellings.

  9. Errors on the site

    See any blunders? Please let us know.

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    Please read this before doing business with us or subscribing to Pikestaff.

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