Professional worldwide editing services and the Clear English Standard

Reaching your target audience means using plain and persuasive English. Plain Language Commission provides a range of services designed to help businesses, government bodies and individuals improve their written communications. We offer the Clear English Standard for external accreditation of documents and websites. Our team also provides intensive training courses and an online course. Plain Language Commission works with clients throughout London, the rest of the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world.

How plain language can make all the difference

Create compelling and easy-to-understand documents and websites.


Our expert editors answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Our business principles

Plain Language Commission is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals communicate clearly and concisely.

Why use plain language?

Using plain language makes it easier for people to understand your message and increases the impact of your words.

Errors on the site and our spelling choices

Found an error on our site? Let us know and we’ll correct it.

How we test our standards

When editing your documents, we use a checklist of 25 tried-and-tested criteria. We may also use a range of readability tests and refer to the Plain English Lexicon.

Our terms of business

We aim to treat all our customers and website users fairly and respectfully. You can download our terms of business here.

We can help you find a better way to communicate. For information on our editing services and writing courses, please drop us an email to