Corporate membership of Plain Language

Corporate membership is a good way to express your commitment to plain language in your communications. It also gives you discounts on many of our services and high priority on all our work for you. And, if you wish, you can put a customized corporate membership mark on all your documents, whether or not we have worked on them.


    Person we should regard as our main contact in your organization

    The first-year cost is £1,500 + VAT.
    The current cost for second and subsequent years is £1,250 + VAT.

    We’ll email you about how you’d prefer us to invoice you.

    By paying the invoice, you become a corporate member and agree to use the corporate membership
    mark only in accordance with the technical details we supply with your copy of it.

    Corporate membership mark

    As a corporate member you can display the customized mark on your website and other documents, whether or not you also have the Clear English Standard on them. We don’t need to see this material in advance because the mark is not an accreditation but a general expression of your commitment to clear communications. We’ll customize the corporate membership logo for you, putting your company name in the centre to replace what’s shown here.

    We can alter the slogan to suit your preference – for example, ‘working towards clearer communications’, ‘committed to being clear’ or ‘committed to clear legal communications’.

    Corporate membership mark example

    Length of membership

    Initially membership lasts one year and is renewable. Towards the end of each year, we’ll invoice you for the next year of membership. If you wish to end your membership, please tell us within 14 days after the renewal date otherwise we’ll assume it’s continuing.

    You can choose to be a corporate member for longer than one year at any time.


    The membership logo remains our property. We may withdraw our permission to use it by giving 14 days’ notice. (In this rare event, we’d also refund the right proportion of your membership fee.)

    Discounts on services

    Corporate membership gives you the following discounts on our services:

    • 20% off accreditation with the Clear English Standard, plus any other discounts for series of documents – saving £110, for example, on a typical document of 3,500 words.
    • 10% off our standard daily course rate for all courses we run (saving you about £135 per course day).
    • 20% off website accreditation – which could easily save you £400 on our initial editing and £200 a year on continual monitoring.

    You also get a corporate licence to the essential plain-language primer, our distance-learning course called…

    • Be Brief, Be Clear, Be Human by Martin Cutts

    This means all your staff have free access to the course, which is a 155-slide Powerpoint presentation.


    Corporate membership costs:

    • £1,500 + VAT in the first year
    • £1,250 + VAT in later years

    If you wish to have corporate membership for longer than a year at a time, we can discount the cost – please ask.

    Corporate members

    Our corporate members include the Financial Ombudsman Service and the People’s Partnership.

    Plain Language Commission is dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and individuals communicate more clearly. If you want to discuss how we could help you, drop us an email to and we’ll phone you.