Improve your English with an online writing-skills course

English has long been the world’s common language. It is a vital means of communication for businesses, governments, academic bodies and private individuals. Now you can improve your writing skills no matter where you are! Plain Language Commission offers a professional online writing-skills course that will help you communicate in a clearer, more concise way.

Course 1

Writing in Plain Language:

Be Clear, Be Brief, Be Human
by Martin Cutts

This course will give an immediate boost to your writing skills by showing you some of the main techniques of good, clear writing. Designed as a lively 155-slide Powerpoint presentation, the course will take you two or three hours to complete. You can go at your own speed, tackling short exercises on each topic along the way. You can use the course as often as you want, and move backwards and forwards at the click of a button.

The course covers the essentials of good business writing in a relaxed and easy-to-use way, looking at:

  • why good writing matters
  • using everyday English
  • getting the grammar right
  • being brief
  • breaking up long sentences
  • punctuating well
  • using active verbs
  • using personal words.

We’ll email the course to you within 48 hours. It will carry a unique identifier that shows it’s licensed for your personal use only. As the file is 12MB, it may run slowly on a mobile.
Price £15 sterling (+ £3 UK VAT if payable). Pay through PayPal only, but you can check out in Paypal without an account by using a credit or debit card.
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For businesses and individuals in today’s marketplace, clear communication is crucial. Enhance your English with our online writing-skills course. For details, send an email to