Professional accreditation and editing services

Badly written documents and websites reflect poorly on their authors. If your writing isn’t grammatically correct and to the point, you run the risk of misleading your audience and looking unprofessional. For expert document accreditation and editing services, speak to Plain Language Commission. We provide website and printed document accreditation using the Clear English Standard. Used by some of the biggest names in business and government, the Clear English Standard allows your readers to see at a glance that your writing will be easier to understand than they may expect.

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Document and website editing


Document accreditation services

By having your printed documents display the Clear English Standard, you reassure the reader that your writing will be succinct and grammatically correct. It also lets your audience know that you have made the extra effort to be clear in your message. Currently, more than 17,000 documents in the UK carry the Clear English Standard accreditation.

Website accreditation services

Accuracy and readability are increasingly important in the digital world. Websites need to be simple to understand and easy to navigate. The Clear English Standard shows your website has met a high external clarity standard and is being continually monitored for simplicity and ease of use.

Document and website editing

Based in the United Kingdom, the Plain Language Commission provides expert document and website editing services for clients throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the world. Our team of highly qualified editors are all experts in their field with years of valuable industry experience to draw upon.

Document and website editing

The Clear English Standard shows your customers you’ve gone the extra mile to be clear. For more information, call us on +44 (0) 1663 733177.